Friday, 20 September 2013

Datalogic | Aim, Trigger and Decode using Datalogic’s New POWERSCAN DPM Imagers

The new PowerScan DPM Imagers offer Datalogic’s innovative optical system, hardware architecture, mechanical design and decoding software, allowing even inexperienced users to read these types of codes easily and intuitively. Two models are available. The PowerScan PD9530-DPM with soft white illumination and special decoding software reads numerous types of bar codes marked with DPM technology, while the PowerScan PD8590-DPM with Multi-Axis lighting technology reads any type of bar code marked with DPM technology on any surface.

Honeywell MX8 Terminal Range - last chance to order!

The MX8 terminal range of products and MX8 accessories has been announced End Of Life by Honeywell and to avoid customer disappointment Barcode Technologies have placed one last large stocking order.
CALL Barcode Technologies to learn which part number we will be stocking and to place your order before the stock runs-out globally (CLICK HERE for more details)

Motorola LI2208 General Purpose Corded Linear Imager—The Next Generation in 1D Scanning

With the LI2208 1D imager, customers get the same reliability and ergonomics of our most popular scanner, the LS2208, with enhanced features that scan more types of bar codes at a greater distance. Whether workers are scanning bar codes printed on paper labels or electronic bar codes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, this best-in-class linear imager delivers unparalleled performance, every time

Motorola WNS | Motorola T5 : Unique WLAN architecture for affordable high-speed Wi-Fi in guest rooms

The T5 PowerBroadband system provides hotel guests with the high-speed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi service needed to connect all their mobile devices while they are in their rooms — right over the existing telephone wiring. The easy-to-install unique in-room architecture brings a new level of affordability to the high-performance 802.11n Wi-Fi services required to improve the guest experience — and guest retention.

Call your Barcode Technologies for further information.

Recommended Barcode & RFID Hardware for Redbeam Solutions

Barcode Label Printers
RedBeam recommends these, as well as other, enterprise class barcode label printers:

Handheld Mobile Computers
RedBeam software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise class mobile computers:

RFID Mobile Computers
RFID readers can be synced with the application to allowing you to scan or read RFID tags on items wherever they are found.

RedBeam software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise class RFID Reader computers:

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Zebra’s new Keyboard Display Unit - ZKDU

Zebra is pleased to announce the availability of the new Zebra Keyboard Display Unit; the ZKDU. Zebra’s keyboard display units offer solutions that allow the printers to operate independently of a host machine, which in turn can remove the need for an often expensive computer and save on valuable work space.

A standalone operation means the printer can be removed from the ties of an operating infrastructure allowing for the format retrieval, data entry and label output to be located at the point of application or production, which will save costs, reduce user’s walk time and ensure that the correct information is applied at the point of manufacture or assembly.

The new ZKDU is a drop-in replacement for the current KDU and adds support for ZPL formats, auto-sensing serial port, and auxiliary interface. The ZKDU retains all of the useful features of the current KDU including a 62 key QWERTY keyboard with a 2-line, 20 character display and compact form factor.

The keyboard’s auto-sensing feature ensures that the new ZKDU is compatible with any Zebra printer that has a DB-9 (female) serial port and supports either EPL or ZPL programming languages.

With the addition of the new ZKDU, Zebra now offers three keyboard display units:

KDU Plus
188 x 89mm (7.38” x 3.5")
188 x 89mm (7.38” x 3.5")
300 x 221mm (11.8" x 8.7")
Operational Modes
EPL Forms
EPL and ZPL Forms
EPL and ZPL Forms, Terminal, File
2-line, 20 character LCD
2-line, 20 character LCD
4-line, 40 character LCD
62 key QWERTY
62 key QWERTY
Full size, 85 key QWERTY
Auxiliary Ports
Serial Port (x 1)
Serial Port (x 2), PS2 (x 1)
Part Number