Friday, 4 October 2013

Low prices on Honeywell scanners

Feel the power: Honeywell special prices at Barcode Technologies

Benefit now from big savings on selected Honeywell scanners!* No matter which way you look at it - the price for these five hand scanners is scansationally low:
  • Bluetooth scanner Voyager 1202g*
  • Area imager Voyager 1400g*
  • Laser scanner Eclipse 5145*
  • 2D Bluetooth imager Xenon 1902g*
  • Industrial scanner Granit 1911i*  
* Offer valid until 31 December 2013 , for selected part numbers listed below.
1202g-2USB-5, 1202g-1USB-5, 1202g-2, 1202g-1, 1911iER-3, 1911iER-3USB-5, 1902gHD-2USB-5, 1902gSR-2USB-5, MK5145-31A38-EU, MK5145-71A47-EU, MK5145-71C41-EU, MK5145-71A38-EU, MK5145-31C41-EU, MK5145-31A47-EU, 1400g2D-2USB-1, 1400g2D-2USB, 1400G2D-2-07879K, 1400g2D-2, 1400G2D-1
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