Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Datalogic Introduces a new family of handheld area imagers

Specifically designed for applications based on codes with Direct Part Marking (DPM) technology

Two different models are available, allowing you to choose the best price/performance combination for your specific needs:


Datalogic PD9530-DPM

  •   Standard illumination system
  •   Great performance on a wide set of barcode types
  •   Intuitive 4-Dots laser aimer
  •   In-field replaceable window
  •   Omnidirectional reading

Datalogic PD8590-DPM

  •   Multi-axis illumination system
  •   Reads all DPM barcodes on all surfaces
  •   Vibrates to indicate a good read
  •   Intuitive use
  •   Omnidirectional reading
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