Thursday, 17 March 2011

Datalogic Scanning Makes a Difference in Healthcare

The benefits of bar code scanning are moving patient safety and patient care leaps and bounds. With reduced medical errors and improved productivity of medical staff, these benefits are impacting healthcare systems around the world. With over thirty years of industry knowledge and experience with AIDC technologies, Datalogic Scanning is making the healthcare industry a strong focus in 2011.

As a key provider of data collection devices in the healthcare industry, Datalogic Scanning has sold over 60,000 scanners to the largest healthcare corporation in the United States, reaching a record year in 2010. Laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals are also benefiting from these products in Europe, Latin America and beyond. With these successes, Datalogic Scanning now has the largest installed base into the healthcare industry and it's showing a rapidly growing worldwide awareness.

Every positive change in the healthcare care industry makes a difference to the lives of people. Datalogic Scanning is proud to be a small part of that difference, and stands committed to serving this industry with the highest quality and reliable products available.
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