Saturday, 15 August 2009

Seagull Releases Service Release for BarTender 9.1

The first service release ("SR1") of BarTender 9.1 was released as build 2617 on July 20th, 2009.

Translations of New Features: Many new features that originally shipped with English-only user-interfaces in BarTender 9.1 have now been translated into all 23 languages supported by the BarTender Label Management Suite.

System Database Support for SQL 2008: The BarTender System database used in the Enterprise editions now supports SQL Server 2008 in addition to SQL Server 2005.

Version Number Displayed within Setup Manager: When you insert a BarTender CD into your CD drive and the Setup Manager automatically runs, the opening screen will now display the BarTender version number.

Minor Bugs: A few minor bugs were also repaired with this service release.

Important: To use an Enterprise edition of the BarTender service release, users also need to use the new Seagull License Server service release.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Redbeam Tracking Software Solutions Re-seller Partner Program

Redbeam Tracking Software Solutions re-seller partner program has been designed to provide all the sales, marketing and support tools needed to help you increase your market share, drive sales and improve your bottom line. The program offers 3 dynamic Tracking Solutions in the AutoID and barcode data capture industry, including very popular Asset Tracking & Check In /Check Out & Inventory Tracking.

Redbeam Tracking Software Solutions re-seller partner program empowers our partners with a complete set of marketing tools, campaigns and support services to help you to compete and be successful in today’s competitive market. Our focus and flexibility on meeting the individual needs of our partners is shown through competitive pricing, flexible licensing and dedicated sales resources to meet your unique business requirements. Opens doors to new customers.

Redbeam Tracking Software Solutions re-seller partner program offers various options as well as different levels of partnership based on your commitment and achievements - and as your business with Redbeam Tracking Software Solutions grows, so will your benefits.

Redbeam Tracking Software Solutions re-seller Partner Program Benefits include:

• Competitive Tiered Margins & Discounts
• Easy to use on-line Marketing & Sales Support
• On-line Demo Videos & Free trial software
• Provides complete solutions
• Product Toolkits
• Deal Registration Programs
• Sales Lead Programs
• Training Programs
• Technical Support
• Online web listings and referrals

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