Saturday, 15 August 2009

Seagull Releases Service Release for BarTender 9.1

The first service release ("SR1") of BarTender 9.1 was released as build 2617 on July 20th, 2009.

Translations of New Features: Many new features that originally shipped with English-only user-interfaces in BarTender 9.1 have now been translated into all 23 languages supported by the BarTender Label Management Suite.

System Database Support for SQL 2008: The BarTender System database used in the Enterprise editions now supports SQL Server 2008 in addition to SQL Server 2005.

Version Number Displayed within Setup Manager: When you insert a BarTender CD into your CD drive and the Setup Manager automatically runs, the opening screen will now display the BarTender version number.

Minor Bugs: A few minor bugs were also repaired with this service release.

Important: To use an Enterprise edition of the BarTender service release, users also need to use the new Seagull License Server service release.

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