Friday, 24 July 2009

Opticon H19 - your portable office tool

The Opticon H19 is a high-performance smartphone with built-in barcode scanner, featuring Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional. You can always keep in touch, using any of the H19's communication options; Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. The H19 is even standard equipped with GPS. The H19 is available in two models - H19A is equipped with a 1D engine and the H19B with a 2D engine. The barcode scanner allows you to collect data, interact with your mobile software solution and send your information to a central ERP system. The H19 can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 1.2 metres as well as adverse environmental conditions, with its IP 54 compliant design.

H19 - your portable office tool

Micosoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional features Direct Push e-mail technology, Internet browsing, synchronization with Outlook Mobile Calendar, Contacts and e-mail, and the ability to work on applications in the Office Mobile suite such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With the featured 2.8-inch colour LCD, the H19 can also be used for touch screen operations such as signature capture. The H19 is standard equipped with GPS. Your workforce can also record the geographical location with other registrations, like adding real-world coordinates (X,Y) to the scanned data.

Perfect for a wide variety of applications

Logistics Applications - with the H19A, truck drivers on the road scan the bills and other documents and transfer the collected information instantly via WiFi or GPRS. The H19A is standard equipped with GPS, enabling location tracking and recording geographical locations by adding real-world co-ordinates to the scanned data.
Ideal for: On-line delivery confirmation, Controlling (error reduction), Signature capturing, Customer relationship management & Location tracking / Route status

Healthcare Applications: The H19A in conjunction with any Healthcare Information System will provide real-time access to patient information, drug information or treatment orders. From emergency room triage to treatment and prescription orders to bedside scanning, the H19A will make healthcare professionals provide more efficient administration and error free care.

Ideal for: Intramural care efficiency, Prescription tracking, Order entry, Equipment inventory, Extramural care optimizing, Records tracking, Instant data mutations & Signature capturing

Ideal for mobility and retail solutions

Mobility Applications: This ruggedized smart phone is the perfect tool for both your sales and service force in the field. It keeps your mobile workers connected to the inventory system, ERP and other applications. The continuing exchange of information between the mobile worker and the back office creates an up-to-date enterprise system.
Ideal for: Customer relationship management, Accurate billing, On-line reporting, Item identification, Signature capturing & Route tracking

Retail Applications: This advanced mobile PDA will streamline every aspect of your retail operation, from inventory management to merchandise decision-making and customer interaction. Apart from that, allocating products and creating loss reports can also perfectly be managed with this tool.
Ideal for: Customer relationship management, Accident/theft reporting, Order entry, Inventory management, Stock movement/ replenishment, Loss prevention, Price checking & Signature capturing
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