Friday, 17 July 2009

Discontinuation of the 28-series desktop printers

Zebra Technologies has announced the phased discontinuation of its LP/TLP 28xx 4" desktop printers, now superseded by the Zebra G-Series.

Final dates for ordering/shipping are as follows:

- LP/TLP 2844 Ethernet - 30 Sep/08 Oct
- LP/TLP 2844-Z Ethernet - 30 Sep/08 Oct
- TLP 3842 All models - 30 Sep/08 Oct
- TLP 3842-Z All models - 30 Sep/08 Oct
- LP/TLP 2844 peel, cutter and memory/RTC - 30 Oct/12 Nov
- LP/TLP 2844-Z peel and cutter - 30 Oct/12 Nov
- LP/TLP 2844 standard - 18 Dec/31 Dec
- LP/TLP 2844-Z standard - 18 Dec/31 Dec

NB The R2844 RFID printer is not scheduled for discontinuation.

Service, parts and support will continue to be available for approximately 3 years from the date of shipment.

The G-Series is a more comprehensive and more cost effective desktop proposition

What are the benefits of the G-series?

Built in flexibility

Faster speed print


Suitable for very small media
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