Saturday, 21 March 2009

School Asset Tracking Solution

Expensive pieces of teaching equipment, furniture, computer hardware and scientific equipment regularly travel between classrooms & department blocks without being returned to the place from which they were taken.

Did you know that there is a Government-lead move to ensure that LEA’s provide inventory registers which can locate and value all of the schools’ assets within the Authorities? We can help you to be ahead of the game with a cost effective and highly efficient

Asset Tracking Solution that you can implement quickly at a fraction of the cost of any system recommended by your LEA.

We have a comprehensive Asset Tracking Solution available to schools that uses barcode labels, hand held scanners & printers with user friendly software that will save you time and money.
As schools face tighter and tighter financial constraints, don’t allow the movement of equipment between various locations result in expensive capital losses for your school.

Redbeam Asset Tracking

School Asset Tracking Solution

See our step by step guide on video at: Asset tracking

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